Local, State, and Federal Government Requirements for PD @ Arp ISD
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The following workshops are required for all Arp ISD Employees. 
Please make sure you have completed your certifications before the end of the first six weeks of the school year. 

Instructions: Each workshop is online and will give you the major concepts for the federal and state laws. Resources will also be provided for more in depth information. You are to review the content and take a quiz on the topic. You will be sent a certificate through your Arp email. 

(1) Print the certificate and save one for yourself in Google Drive. Give a copy to the Superintendent's Secretary for your permanent folder.
(2) Be careful to follow all instructions as some workshops will also require you to print out an agreement, sign it and give a copy to the Superintendent's Secretary for your permanent folder.

IF YOU ALREADY have a CERTIFICATE for the workshop, you DO NOT need to repeat the workshop, unless you are specifically instructed to do so. 

WORKSHOPS for Everyone
(I) Confidentiality Workshop --(FERPA & IDEA)~ 20 Minutes This is a Face2Face Workshop, please schedule a time with me before you begin your work assignment at Arp ISD:  Entails 4 assignments (1) Watch a video,(USE Internet Explorer!!! Browser to view this video (2) Review 7 scenarios, (3) Take a Quiz & print out Certificate, (4) Print the Agreement and sign it. Turn copies of the Agreement and the Certificate into the Superintendent's Secretary. 
(II) Acceptable Use Policy Workshop (Aup) This is a Face2Face Workshop, it will be schedule at exactly the same time as your Confidentiality Workshop. After this workshop you will be given your username and password for Arp ISD network/computer resources. NO ONE is to access a computer before this workshop has been completed. 
(III) Maltreatment of Children and Child Abuse Reporting ~ 2 Hours -State Supplies Certificate -  send copy of certificate to Superintendent's Secretary, keep a copy for your records. 
(V) Diabetes Workshop - 2.5 hours Follow directions in Workshop
(VI) Food Allergy Workshop - (1) Go through the online Workshop    (2) Take the Quiz (3) The Agency will send you a Certificate. Save a copy of Certificate in Google Drive & Print Certificate for Permanent Folder
(VII) Asthma Workshop  (1) Read through online information  (2) Take Quiz (3) Save Certificate in Google Drive & Print Certificate for Permanent Folder
(VIII) Suicide Prevention Workshop (HB 2186) ~ 1 Hour  (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)
(1) Best Practices Resources ,  Texas Suicide Prevention , School and Youth Resources - for further research and resources
(2) Everyone Watch Video ~ 11 minutes (Aides, Secretaries, and Staff, non-certified educators, need only watch this video and will not receive a certificate)

These Sections (4 & 5) ARE For Educators: Certified Teachers & Administrators ONLY. If you are non-certified teacher, please move to IX  & X workshops. 
(4) Suicide Prevention Training ~  1 hour  + 30 minutes: Create a new account & choose your POV (position), select your school, job, age, gender, ethnicity, and finally Choose your Course (grade level). Launch your course (MAKE SURE POPUP BLOCKER IS OFF). You will be asked to take a quick Pre-survey before the course begins and a Post-Survey before you can print your certificate.  During training you will be required to answer questions during the videos. You will get an email after your training with your certificate to download. 
(5) Print Certificate and give a copy to the Superintendent's Secretary for your permanent folder. 

IX. Security Workshops - Please complete each one
X.   Crisis Management Plan (Must be Logged in) - Principals are required to review this plan with staff each year and recommend updates as needed. Once you have reviewed the plan, please take the short quiz to provide documentation that you understand the major responsibilities and procedures. ACCESS QUIZ HERE

WORKSHOPS for Educators (Certified Teachers & Administrators Only)
(I) CIPA Workshop (and DOPPA) ~ 2 Hour: This workshop requires you to: 
(1) Review the CIPA  by watching a video
(3) Take CIPA Quiz and print out Certificate for permanent folder (retain a copy for yourself). 
(5) Use the Reporting Form to Document Lessons you complete in your classroom. You may send this form in as many times as you deem  necessary throughout the year. ALL educators are required to document these activities. 

On a Mobile Device (iPad, Smartphone)
(2) Login to the App, select Texas, Select District, Select School, Select Pushes from Arp ISD, your campus, and any teachers you need.
(3) ALSO -  Follow @ArpISD on Twitter  (Twitter will be reserved for Emergencies like school closings, weather alerts. or threats.)

If you want more instruction on SCHOOLWAY, just fill out the PD Request form at the bottom of this page. No certificate issued

This workshop uses the following resources & introduces you to:
(1)The LoTI Framework (download, read and study before taking quiz!). LoTI helps educators to better prepare classroom instruction to meet real-world and 21st Century standards.  For Video Demonstrations refer to this Page
(2)The sample LoTI Walk-through Example, helps evaluators to quickly recognize an effective classroom environment. 
(3)The HEAT Rubric helps everyone (download read & study before taking quiz!) to identify how engaged students are in teaching and learning. Remember, education is NOT as much about what the teacher is doing, as it is about what the student is learning AND doing. 
(4) A Quiz for understanding and Certificate for GT credit. Print out a copy for yourself and send a copy to Superintendent's secretary. 
(5) Complete a self-reporting Survey. at the bottom of the page.

(III) Edivate Observe &  
= really short videos to introduce you to these 2 programs. Your Principal will give you more explicit instructions later. These programs replace the PDAS in DMAC & Eduphoria. No certificates issued.
(IV) Dyslexia Training (Identification Module) ~ 6 HOURS This training is required to be provided to ALL educators in the district  (TAC §74.28(c)) (TAC §232.11).

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