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(1) CLOSED: RFP for Cat 2 Switches on Elementary Campus - CDWG won this Bid. Thank you
(2)CLOSED: RFP for VoIP and PRI  (2020) Still piloting these proposals until end of March, 2020
(3) CLOSED: RFP for Transport to The Vault, Tyler Texas (Erate 2020) --Download PDF at bottom of this page
(4) CLOSED: RFP for Cafeteria Equipment -- See file below

Archived RFPs Below:

(1) CLOSED, Vendor Selected: RFP for Network Components: Complete RFP Click Here-
- OR COMPLETE RFP DOWNLOAD HERE Request for Proposal to update NOC, MDFs, IDFs and new build JrH with Cisco switches, optics, and connections (fiber and copper).  Proposal should cover upgrading Arp ISD's current network state of  100 Mps to ISP and 1 Gps internal backbone to capabilities for 1 Gpbs to ISP and 10Gps internal with all associated equipment upgrades, replacements, and connectivity. The proposal must include a full site visit with an evaluation of current infrastructure and bids separated out by facility (Arp ISD District Network Operations Center, each campus MDF and all IDFs). Proposals must include the delivery of services by Cisco engineer(s) (CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE or CCDE) and training schedules for updating the skillset of the Arp ISD technology team with projected time frames. 

The full scope of the project and responsibilities for each segment of the network should be provided with a scheduled priority given to the District NOC. All equipment should be itemized by single price and extended price. Proposals may include replacement of "end-of-life" switches, optics and additional connectivity, along with upgrades to existing equipment. A Topology Map will be provided upon site visit for help in clarifying current network configuration and equipment needs. 

This proposal will be eligible for Erate funding and submitted for project start date of July 1, 2016. It requires the vendor to provide a SPIN # and physical location with an address and contact information. 

Please contact Dr Rousseau by email, joy@arpisd.org,  if you have questions.

(3) CLOSED, Vendor Selected: Wiring Infrastructure for New Build Jr High

(4a) Security Access to Arp High School -Two Doors (East & North Entrances) secured with intercom and electronic "buzz-in" features and backup power supply still allowing metal key entry. Arp ISD will supply the cameras. Card Access should be listed in an "Options" Section.

(6)CLOSED: Wireless Access Points - Accepting Bids on 20 Maraki MR 34s and 9 MR 18s with 3 year Licenses. The Arp ISD Tech Dept will install and manage. Vendor must have a USAC SPIN #. 
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