This is a living document and may be updated frequently

Arp ISD COVID-19 Action Plan

Grading Policy/Progress Monitoring/Attendance (in progress)
Student Meals
  • Elementary Drive-Through 11-12:30 each day
  • Email for meals & home delivery
Frequently Asked Questions
Parent Communication
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Twitter - @ArpISD
  • Facebook
  • Remind App - contact teacher
  • Elementary SeeSaw - contact teacher
Head Start Registration
PreK and Kindergarten Registration
Comprehensive Continuity Plan Action Plan (Resource: TEA Continuity Planning Framework)
  • PHASE 1: Arp ISD has already completed Phase 1 to determine online capacity for each home, faculty member, and administrator. Each campus has devised a communication plan - direct phone calls to all students, engaging families in social media (Twitter, SeeSaw, Remind and Facebook), Zoom Meetings, and Website notifications. 
    • Devices are being handed out by the Technology Department as requested by the parents
    • Free iPads and Netbooks are also being offered to homes as the district refreshes their devices. 
  • PHASE II: Arp ISD is working on Phase II-- Instructional Plan using online and printed instructional resources for all populations in the district. ARD meetings continue and planning for special populations is taking place. 
  • PHASE III: Arp ISD is moving towards school-wide implementation while anticipating the delivery of hotspots for home use. 
    • Daily Attendance process is being monitored through Google Classroom, Google Forms, and printed Attendance Log from parents. 
    • A recommended daily schedule is being presented to all parents by grade level
  • During school closings, essential personnel will be directed by their supervisors to perform limited duties. 
  • Drive-throughs will take place for meals and electronic devices and will be announced on the Arp ISD Home Page
  • Continuity of learning will take place in the home. If only one device is available, parents will stagger online learning schedules to accommodate each child. 
  • Teachers will post learning activities in Google Classroom, in Google folders, and/or printed handout materials
  • All students will be contacted regularly to maintain teacher/student engagement. 
  • Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Facetime and Skype may be used to interact with students in need of face-to-face instructions. 
  • Sanitizing and Safety are a continuing process in the district.