PARENTS: Thank you for filling out the ONLINE LEARNING SURVEY. It gave us the information we needed to prepare devices for each campus. You are now welcome to fill out the Device Check Out Contract in any way that is convenient for you if your home is in need of equipment for online learning. 

DEVICE CHECKOUT CONTRACT  Elementary students will be eligible for iPad checkout unless your teacher asked you to check out a laptop

IPAD QUICKSTART - How to manage your iPad from home. Questions: email tech@arpisd.org 

IPAD HANDOUT: IPADS will be handed out WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS during Elementary Lunch Pick up & Drive-Through (11:12:30) Make sure you have a Device Checkout Contract on file with Tech Dept FIRST. 

HOTSPOTS: We are waiting for the hotspots to arrive in the district tentative date is April 7th.  So we will notify you by email when those devices are ready for pickup

WE HAVE FREE DEVICES that you may keep: If you are interested in a FREE device (Lenovo Netbook or Netbook Tablet) email tech@arpisd.org.

HAVE A QUESTION? Email - tech@arpisd.org 

SCHEDULING multiple students in the home. We are asking that you devise a schedule for multiple students in your home to do their online work since only one device per family will be distributed for now.  It is recommended that children 3-6 years old spend only 30 minutes a day on screen. 7-12-year-olds should work no more than 1 hour per day and older students only 3-4 hours a day on screen. This includes TV as well as electronic devices. Keeping students on a schedule will also help them do their best.

NEED WIFI? The nation is 8 weeks behind in manufacturing enough Hotspot for all the demand. This is not surprising. Here is a temporary solution - do your work from home, save on your device and then come to the school parking lot, cafeteria picnic areas, or football stadium to upload work to your teachers. 

Hotspots are being shipped and we will let you know when they are available for your age group. In the meantime, please watch the video below. 

Online Resources for Arp Elementary Students 

Arp Elementary has created "CHOICE BOARDS" for parents to use at home. They include high-tech and low-tech options. 
You may access those here: