RFPs - October 27th through January 29th, 2015 (CLOSED)

Proposals are being accepted for the following:

(1) upgrading Arp ISD’s network operating center (NOC) from current state of 10/100/1000 to 10Gbps internal connectivity, with stackable core and border switches to provide for 600 client ports and 80 POE VoIP ports.

(2) upgrade from 100Mbps to minimum of 1 Gbps external carrier to ISP with all associated equipment bids and connectivity considerations. The proposals must be submitted after a full site visit with evaluation of current infrastructure and bids separated out by facility.

(3) 24 strand fiber connectivity to new building (Arp Junior High) for minimum of 10Gbps connectivity

(4) Additional fiber transport to ISP @ minimum of 100Mps

(5) 24 Wireless Access Points - Minimum 802.11ac standard (Meraki Cisco preferred)

(6) Cabling, Racks, & Internal Connections for 320 CAT 6 drops (face plates, patch panels, cable management, certifications, and testing) You may email me for Jr H Plans and Architects documentation of where drops will be located. joy@arpisd.org

(7) (Closed) IP Cameras (24) and NVR systems for surveillance on all campuses and all buildings.

(8) (Closed) 12 X 24 X 8' Storage building, roof & gable vents, 6 gable windows, 6' (double) doors, delivered, leveled, painted district's selected colors.

The facilities include: the Arp ISD District Network Operations Center and new build, Arp Junior High School. Proposals should include replacement of “end-of-life” switches and connections along with upgrades to existing equipment.

A Topology Map will be provided during site visit for assistance in clarifying current network status and for determining future needs. Full scope of projects and responsibilities for each segment of the network should be provided. Priority will be given to parties that are able to complete an entire proposal with all its components for either or both (1) & (2) .

Please contact: Dr Rousseau, joy@arpisd.org for further information or for scheduling a site visit. Do not call unless given an appointment for phone conversation.

Proposals should be submitted first online using the following form. Vendors will be notified for further clarification and proposals after the closing date.


Weighted Evaluation Criteria:

· Price – 20%

· Geographic Presence – 15%

· Quality/References/Responsiveness – 15%

· Resources – 10%

· Company Financials/Stability – 15%

· K-12 Experience – 25%

Total – 100%