PARENTS/STUDENTS: Thank you for filling out the ONLINE LEARNING SURVEY. It gave us the information we needed to prepare devices for each campus. You are now welcome to fill out the Device CheckOut Contract in any way that is convenient for you if your home is in need of equipment for online learning.

DEVICE CHECKOUT CONTRACT Laptop check out will require the student to come to the campus and log in to the laptop before it will acknowledge their username and password. We will invite you to come when a device is ready.

WE HAVE FREE DEVICES that you may keep: If you are interested in a FREE device email tech@arpisd.org.

HOTSPOTS: You will be emailed when & where to pick up your Kajeet HotSpots - PLEASE READ

HAVE A QUESTION? Email - tech@arpisd.org

DEVICE CHECK OUT VIDEO: Please watch before coming to pick up your device.

NEED WIFI? The nation is 8 weeks behind in manufacturing enough Hotspot for all the demand. This is not surprising. Here is a temporary solution - do your work from home, save on your device and then come to the school parking lot, cafeteria picnic areas, or football stadium to upload work to your teachers.


Hotspots are being shipped and we will let you know when they are available for your age group. In the meantime, please watch the video below.