Content & Agenda

(1) AUP for SUBS - Subs may use technology if they have been through the AUP for SUBS training and they complete the Security Training.


  • Use a teacher's or student's username or password to access the Internet

  • Have access to a teacher's grade book, unless a long term sub and the campus office gives you access through your own username and password

  • Have access to a teacher's email or Google Drive

  • Sit behind a desk while students are working on computer assignments. SUBs are responsible for monitoring student behavior while on technology devices. Students are ONLY to work on TEKS-based assignments. They are NOT to surf the net, watch YouTube videos, email other students, or goof off on the Internet by playing games or looking up non-educational information.

  • Surf the Internet, shop or email friends while students are present.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, P interest, Snap Chat, or any other Social Media at anytime while on the district's network.

  • Play movies. The only exception to this rule is if the movie is assigned by the teacher AND has TEKS-based application along with reflection questions for students.

  • Allow privately owned devices to be used during class, unless that device has a BYOT sticker from the Technology Dept.

  • Use thumb drives or flash drives at any time on school devices.

  • Drink coffee, coke, tea, or water or eat anything over or near a keyboard or technology device.

  • Turn off the teacher's computer.

  • Download anything onto a district computer or device.

  • Email students for non-educational purposes

  • Email out spam (cute mimes, funny jokes, "warm-fussies", etc) to large groups or try to sell anything using school email.

  • Use the district network for illegal purposes or allow students without AUP usernames and passwords to access the network. (Exceptions are K, 1st, and 2nd graders AND on occasion Special Ed students, but only with permission from the Tech Dept)

  • Publish or post to social media ANYTHING pertaining to activities at or students of Arp ISD. Confidentiality Laws apply to email and social media.

  • Distribute personal information, especially photos of self or others by means of district communication systems including student last names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

  • Stream movies, news, music, or other bandwidth "hogs" during school hours.


  • Check their email for assignments from the teacher or information from the front office

  • Shop from the district network AFTER school hours

  • Use the projector to demonstrate assignments. Projectors MUST be turned off after use.

  • Stop students from using technology if there is a disciplinary problem while using technology.


  • Monitor, monitor, monitor student use of technology. The WORST behavior and abuse of technology devices, in the past, have taken place in a classroom with Substitute Teachers. The abuse was soooooo significant that for 20 years, Subs were NOT allowed to use technology. It's time for this to change.

  • Report any suspicious activity.

  • Know that all activity on school devices is logged and monitored. You may be prosecuted for abuse of this resource under Federal and State laws and local guidelines.

  • Know that Arp ISD Internet is filtered because of the Federal Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and DOPPA which requires that students be protected from online predators. Therefore, students are protected against receiving communication from outside the district (except in special cases). Make sure that your students are on task and not reaching out to strangers. This has happened in the district because we cannot close ALL loopholes. Therefore, YOU MUST MONITOR all student behavior online.

  • Keep technology devices and tools properly maintained and all damage must be reported immediately. ONLY plug technology devices into surge protectors. DO NOT plug them into a wall outlet!

  • Follow instructions from the Teacher of Record and the Technology Dept that may be emailed out during the day.

  • Be respectful of the Teacher of Record's property and privacy (computer, printer, desk contents and classroom storage).

  • Obtain from the campus office emergency procedures for Weather and Intruder Drills.

  • Make sure all devices are put away properly well before the bell rings to change classes.

  • Use Network Etiquette at all times. No swearing, vulgarity, ethnic or racial slurs or other inflammatory language.

  • Complete the Security Workshops & Quizzes within 3 months of being added to a District Sub List.

(2) Log onto a Computer using your Username & Password

(3) Open your Email using your Email & Password

(3) Create a SUB folder

(4) Create a Document

(5) Review PowerPoint

(6) Take the Test

TEST Score of 45 or above