(1) DEVICE CHECKOUT CONTRACT Laptop check out will require the student to come to the campus and log in to the laptop before it will acknowledge their username and password. We will invite you to come when a device is ready.



    • Routines & Structures

    • Help children maintain a schedule (see below).

    • By federal law, the Arp ISD laptops and hotspots have URL filters on them. However, we do not guarantee that students will not find ways around these filters. We ask that you monitor your child while they are online.

    • Arp ISD iPads have educational Apps that the student should be using for learning content. Please make sure that they are using the Apps approved by their teachers.

    • General Guidelines for Distance Learning

    • Make sure your child has a clean neat, well-lit place to work. Devices should not share space with food or drink or other distracting things. The device needs to remain on a flat stable surface.

    • Make sure you have a fast way to communicate with teachers and administrators.

    • Ask for a phone conference or video conference from your teacher if you need assistance.

    • It is important to monitor students while they are online. We cannot stress this enough.

    • IPAD QUICKSTART - How to manage your iPad from home. Questions: email

    • Sample Schedule

    • SCHEDULING multiple students in the home. We are asking that you devise a schedule for multiple students in your home to do their online work since only one laptop per family will be distributed for now. We may revise this later. It is recommended that children 3-6 years old spend only 30 minutes a day on screen. 7-12-year-olds should work no more than 1 hour per day and older students only 3-4 hours a day on screen. This includes TV as well as electronic devices. Keeping students on a schedule will also help them do their best.

    • Organization

    • Organize your day so that some seat time is available, some outside fresh air time is available and maintain a good sleep schedule. Check with your teachers to make sure work is being turned in on time.

    • Communication

    • All teachers and students 2nd grade and up have an Arp ISD email address. If you need help communicating with someone, please email and we will get you in touch with who you need.

    • Help communicate to students the importance of Cybersecurity & Safety with lessons from CommonSenseMedia. There is a Parent section here that can help you with this opportunity to share important online information with all age levels.

    • Here are other safety links for parents to be aware of:



WE HAVE FREE DEVICES that you may keep: If you are interested in a FREE device (Lenovo Netbook or Netbook Tablet) email

NEED WIFI? The nation is 8 weeks behind in manufacturing enough Hotspot for all the demand. This is not surprising. Here is a temporary solution - do your work from home, save on your device and then come to the school parking lot, cafeteria picnic areas, or football stadium to upload work to your teachers.