STUDENTS: You have 6 months after graduation to move your Google account, email, drive, etc. to your OWN gmail account. If you do not keep your account active, you will be deleted after graduation from Arp ISD.

You are able to now move your Arp ISD Google Accounts to your own gmail accounts

  1. Move all your Google Drive Files to a Desktop Folder

  2. Uninstall the Google Drive App. ...

  3. Create a new folder on your desktop, or somewhere convenient. ...

  4. Reboot. ...

  5. Now install the Google Drive App again, and sign in to the new account.

  6. Move the files (from the folder you created on the desktop) back into the Google Drive local folder that the App just created.

OR USE GOOGLE TRANSFER (Instructions at the bottom of this link)

You should be able to download everything from your old account, either directly from Google Drive or, if the school enabled it, through Google Takeout. In either case, the Google document formats will be converted to offline formats (Docs -> Word format, etc.). Then, you can unzip the downloaded archive and upload the entire directory to the new account. Before you upload the files, open the Drive settings and choose the option to convert files on upload, if you want them in Google document format again.

- Drive Help

Manual upload settings in Google Drive - Drive Help