SOFTWARE for 2020-22

Welcome to the new school year!

The Region 7 Digital Learning Department would like to highlight your district subscription to Discovery Ed and BrainPOP. Below you will find the codes for teachers that do not have an account to create individual teacher accounts as well as short videos on how to create accounts. If teachers think they have an account, they can use the forgot password link. We would be more than willing to help you or a designee in managing teacher and student accounts for the 19-20 school year. If your district has never created student access to Discovery Ed and BrainPOP, we would strongly encourage you to allow this to increase usage of these high-quality, vetted resources.

To promote teacher usage, we have created online courses to help teachers learn more about Discovery Ed and BrainPOP. These run in September (DE, BP) and November (DE, BP). However, we would be glad to have one customized for your district.

Also, as part of your subscription, the DL department provides a complementary in-district training. We would love to schedule a time we can come out and work with you and a leadership team on the great resources found in Discovery Ed and BrainPOP. Please let us know when and where works best for you.

If you have any questions about your subscription(s), please let us know.

Click here for a video on creating a DE account.

Click here for a video on creating a teacher BrainPOP account.

Assistance with Other Software Packages:

AR/STAR - (6-8th only) Hunter uploads students

BrainChild - 6-8th ELA (Renew Licenses in April)

BrainPop ESL is also available

BrainPOP - teacher enters code (see above)

Discovery - teacher enters code (see above)

DMAC - Lana Brady creates Teacher Accounts

IXL - Hunter uploads students - K-8th EasyTech (TA TEKS) - Hunter uploads students

Learning A-Z (K-2) Teacher initiates

LoneStar Learning (TEA recommended TEKS practice) - Teacher initiates

OdyessyWare - Acceleration - Mrs Lowery initiates

TPRI - Hunter uploads students

Rosetta Stone - ESL - Laura Parker uploads students

STEMScopes - 6-8th Science - teacher uploads students (Renew Licenses in November)

StudyIsland - Hunter uploads students