This page has the Links to resources you will need as a PEIMS Clerk, Secretary, Principal, Counselor, Program Director or Teacher. If you do not see the resource you need here, please let me know.

From each index page, locate and open the document you need. To SEARCH documents from these links USE the CTRL+F keys to gain access to a search box. Simplify your search by typing a word, word group, or even a partial word and search through the document for each of the citations.

District PEIMS Coordinator, Job Description

Campus Attendance/PEIMS Procedures,

Campus Registration/PEIMS Procedures,

District Special Programs/PEIMS Procedures

  • GT Matrix

  • Questionnaires

  • Timeline

Counselors & PEIMS Procedures,

Principals & PEIMS Procedures


Curriculum Director, Job Description

NutriKids Reporting

Campus Aides

  • Job Description